La marca

ROPACHICA is a clothing line for girls that represents simplicity, honesty and authenticity. Clothing designed for girls, understanding "girl" as an attitude, not as an age.

The brand was founded by Carola Huidobro. She graduated with honors from the Higher Center of Design and Fashion at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and started her career with an internship at Loewe. Love and passion for getting things done properly have been present in each of her designs ever since.

Before starting ROPACHICA, Carola had her own company specialized in the design and manufacture of leather accessories, and later she worked as a product manager of accessories for the firm Tintoretto belonging to El Corte Inglés. After 18 years of dedication to the design and manufacture of accessories, combined with the inspiration of her daughter Carola, she feels the need for change and creates ROPACHICA.

In each collection you will find a mixture of elegance, simplicity and uniqueness through the unexpectedness. Comfortable, combinable, and specially designed for "girls".